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Demio Review-An Evergreen Webinar Platform-Sign Up for Free

Demio Review -Is It The Best Webinar Software? Sign Up for Free !

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Webinars are the most useful and complex method of product marketing. If you possess the relevant content and the right tools then you can host the best webinar software that helps you gain the appropriate audience. Webinars are useful to,

  • Provide live demos of your products
  • Talk about the newly launched product or its features
  • Reach out to a large global audience
  • Discussion on customer feedback via live streaming webinars

And a lot more.

There are various reasons to host a webinar and make it a more engaging and fun-filled activity. But, before you start working on your webinar slide, it is important to choose the right webinar hosting platform that fulfills your requirements.


There are several options for webinars available for their ease of use and pricing. Some of these are exclusive webinar hosting providers while some are full-stack marketing automation tools. It is up to the marketer to decide on the requirements, the ease of use, and of course, the budget to set aside. And, one such emerging platform is DEMIO that offers all the evergreen features that are required in a best webinar software and hosting platform.

Some of them are,

Even Mobile Hosting – This is useful especially when the marketer is on the go. There may be situations when a webinar cannot be attended on your laptop, so in such a situation it becomes easy to attend a webinar using your mobile phone. Demio gives a great experience in viewing webinars on mobile platforms.

Interactivity – Demio ensures a powerful webinar hosting solution that lets you create and host successful highly interactive live webinars. Webinars are successful when there is an interactive two-way interaction between the webinar host and webinar audience. Great features like a live FAQ session and chat room increase the interactivity and engagement level in a webinar.

Scalability – The whole idea of scaling is to start with a handful of audiences and reach hundreds. The ultimate aim is to speak to a huge audience to add new users to your list quickly through live webinars. A cloud-based platform like Demio enables you to scale easily. You can just level up your game and upgrade your plan.

Easy Editing – A professional marketer may host webinars frequently. In such situations, working on new slides for every webinar may seem cumbersome. Here, the editing process comes in handy where you can make changes, add or minus slides to the previous webinar and create a whole new webinar presentation.

Record and Replay – Another important feature in a webinar solution is the ability to record and replay your previous webinars. When you host a webinar, some of your audience would not have been able to attend them and would wish to access the webinar later. In this situation, you can give an option to your viewers to watch your webinar whenever and wherever they can on demand. This way the webinar content can be stored and referred to later.

Track Engagement – A powerful in-built tracking system in a webinar is what makes it a better webinar hosting platform. You can measure your webinar analytics with this tracking system. You can measure your performance metrics like the number of people who attended, reach, the number of viewers who joined and left midway, number of likes and shares on your webinar, and many more.


Demio Features Set

Join Webinar in a click

Attending a webinar has never been easy as you don’t need to install or download any software on Demio. It can be easily used with a single click. Just right-click on the browser or mobile app and it is good to go with a webinar.

Real-time HD Streaming 

Demio webinars provide assured audio and video quality with HD streaming. Users can have a great experience with HD webinar streaming even when you chat or interact live, in real-time, and with zero disturbance or delay.


Screen Sharing 

Screen sharing is important when you want to share and demonstrate important slides. With Demio, screen sharing is easy and the best part being videos and audio slides can be shared directly without switching and continuously.

Branding on Slides

You can use your brand’s logo on your webinar slides and brand across all materials like registration page, slides, email notification landing pages, etc.


Remarkable Registration Options

The registration page is the face of your brand and interested people will first reach the registration page. Demio builds amazing forms or pages easily in no time. You can even customize the registration pages or use the ones available.

Auto-reminder Notifications

Your user won’t lose track of any scheduled webinar. Users who have registered for webinars are informed of the upcoming sessions. The reminder notifications can be customized as per your brand or event needs.

For interactive webinar sessions, the following elements can be performed on Demio,

Interactive polls with stats– Makes webinar more interactive and interesting with polls and gets insights and feedback on webinar effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and many more metrics from the attendees. The results act as social proof and your marketing tool for your next webinar.


Launch Offers and CTA’s – Link your audience list with a freebie, offer coupon code, sign up page, or any other reward URL.


Share Handouts and Gifts – Demio lets share and download important materials like white papers, ebooks, etc. as handouts and gifts for your audience.


@Mentions and Gestures – This is the most popular way to get engaged with your audience with emojis and listen to their opinions with gestures and @mention other participants to make the webinar more interactive and add a slight personal touch to make the audience presence felt.

Bring Attendees to Stage – Demio lets the webinar make it extremely interactive by allowing the audience to become the presenter. You can give webcam and microphone access to your audience to come and speak in front of other audiences.


Private or Public Chat 

Demio’s real-time private and public chat feature lets you hold engaging, interactive, interesting, and informative chat sessions with the audience. You can clear your audience’s doubts in a chat session or make it a FAQ session at the end of the webinar.


Replay and Record Pages 

Demio records and adds your webinars automatically in the cloud for later use. Webinars can be downloaded in .MP4 format and can be shared with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Automated Webinars

Demio runs your webinars 100% automatically so that you may concentrate more on core elements and be present online for less time.

Analyze your Campaigns 

Analytics, for any campaign, is the key to optimization. Demio is a browser-based platform that ensures your tracking and analytics are to the point. As a user, you can view your webinar performance and make improvements for much better results.


Demio Integrations

Demio strictly meets the requirements of marketing and advertising verticals. The tool seamlessly integrates with other marketing automation tools. Demio is a best webinar software that integrates with Ontraport, InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Drip, Aweber, MarketHero, and ConvertKit. It also has a full API with Zapier and is easy to use. This element enables Demio to integrate with a wide range of applications for easy utility.


Demio Pricing

Demio is the best webinar software that has four pricing plans billed monthly or annually which is a good value for money. All Demio plans come with a 14-day free trial.


Starter Plan – $34/month – Perfect for small business and solo entrepreneurs getting started with webinars.

Growth Plan – $69/month – Popular package with more tools, automated events, and custom branding.

Business Plan – $163/month – Ideal for growing companies that need bigger room sizes, and multiple hosts.

Premium Plan – Customized as per needs – Host engaging webinars with dedicated account support.



1.Very simple and intuitive setup

2.Good audio and video quality

3.Good CTA and polling options to grab audience attention

4.Good entry-level plan

5.Support is good and helpful


1.Not way to help manage your questions and answers

2.Directs to website advertising page after a webinar ends

3.Higher level plans are not enticing enough

4.Hangs in between

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Wrapping Up

The key focus of any best webinar software is its content. Webinar hosting platforms can host webinars, live stream a webinar, create landing and registration pages, build a contact list, email, notifications, and perform many more activities.

Choosing the right webinar tool is critical. Demio saves your time, effort and is user-friendly. The automation abilities and the ease of features are used to make your webinar a success. Getting started with Demio is pretty easy, puts everything in order, offers smart integrations, and is entirely cloud-based. So, what else is required in a webinar solution? Give it a try and sign up today! Also, do share if anything is missed out that had to be mentioned…


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