ProveSource – Social Proof Marketing Platform | BLACK FRIDAY Offers 50% OFF On Yearly Plan

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ProveSource – Social Proof Marketing Platform | BLACK FRIDAY Offers 50% OFF On Yearly Plan

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When people provide us with information, we may be unsure whether what we have told is true or not. We hence seek not only evidence but also reasoning that will give us sufficient cause to conclude that the original information is true.

We humans need proof.

A proof is a logical argument that establishes, beyond any doubt, that something is true.


ProveSource is a social proof marketing platform that goes with the psychological concept to help businesses win the trust of the customers and prospects and enhance the online experience.

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Several types of businesses such as SaaS, eCommerce, and retail do use this amazing platform to add social proof to their apps and websites in order to manage and influence the user buying decision and leverage the rate of sales. A few top names which integrated with this platform are WordPress, BigCommerce, Magneta, and Squarespace.

With ProveSource, the businesses, on the one hand, will be able to double their conversions as well as make people trust them. Users will be able to see what other people are purchasing and their comments about the products and services. When people see this, they develop a sense of trust and loyalty towards that particular business.


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How Does It Work?

When this platform created, the mission was to assist businesses to harness the power of social proof by making use of data such as sales and traffic, to provide your business with a base of trust, and a positive feel. To start using this platform, you need to join it first.

  • Make an account by following their simple procedure that needs email and secret key password. The procedure will take 30 seconds to finish.
  • Install ProveSource snippets into your website. These snippets assist the ProveSource to simply collect data about the organizations, business, and push notifications to prospects.
  • You can create notifications as per your needs and requirements. You can also customize images, colors, display rules, timing, and localization. Take complete control over your notifications.
  • ProveSource utilizes the bits and different devices to accumulate significant data, for example, leads, impressions, and clicks to drive traffic. Also, the analytics will help users to get the real picture of how your business is running in the market.

The next big thing in the digital marketing space will be Social proof because every organization needs to build trust and authority among people.

On a daily basis, ProveSource pushes – 20 million notifications. As per the recent reports, the companies using this platform have reposted to have a 17.4% rise in their conversions.

Advantages of using ProveSource –

  1. Its user-intuitive dashboard

ProveSource Dashboard

This social proof marketing platform’s dashboard is simple to understand, clean, and super intuitive. From this space, users can have a track on the notifications created, its status, and its launch date. If the user wants to have a look at how these notifications look to the prospects, he can easily view through the dashboard. This place helps users to focus on their motives and manages all the tasks tactfully.

  1. Highlighting the activities of customers

This platform helps users to highlight the activities such as their recently purchased products and their reviews for the services or products they purchased.

  1. Track conversions

Track Conversions

This feature helps users to highlight, capture, and monitor conversions that are credible and verified. Using webhooks and web forms, users can measure and track conversions.

  1. Create notifications

Create Notifications

Using this feature, users can create and launch notifications. Also, they can customize them accordingly and set the rules, how the notifications will appear, and at what time it should display on the screen.

Customize Notifications

  1. Stream option

If we talk about building trust, a picture works best. This platform allows you to add the customer’s image and inform users about who purchased the products/services recently. It results in creating a sense of trust among the prospects.

  1. Multilanguage

This platform provides users with a multi-linguistic feature. It contains more than 15 languages, which are – French, English, Hindi, Vietnam, Danish, Norwegian, Bengali, Hebrew, and others.

For Whom?

ProveSource is for the operators and businesses who want to get their store a busy place feeling and for the one who wants to double up their conversions and wants their traffic to grow. The notifications by prove source will make your visitors feel that they are in the real place where other people are also live and are shopping just like them.

Provesource notifications help people to understand and develop faith in you.

Technical Details

Supported devices

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • iPhone or iPad
  • Web-based
  • Android

Supported Languages

  • English

Pricing Plans

  • Free
  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • Cloud Hosted

Customer Type

  • Small
  • Large
  • Medium



  1. Installation is very easy
  2. This social proof marketing platform helps its prospects to build confidence.
  3. The free plan offered is not time bounded
  4. For both desktop and mobile devices, the notifications work.
  5. The dashboard is easily manageable and simple to understand
  6. Turns the cold visitors to fans so easily
  7. No special knowledge, tech skills required
  8. Helps to show your service or company legitimate
  9. The templates are easy to edit and are attractive


  1. ProveSource advanced plans are costly. If a user wants to enjoy other features offered by this platform, he/she needs to purchase higher plans.


ProveSource Pricing

Low pricing is what keeps the users stick to this incredible social proof marketing platform. Provesource’s main aim is to make sure that every business could afford them and make use to double their conversions and drive traffic. They have also expanded their pricing plans.

One thing that attracts users is the free plan offered by this platform. Although it comes with limitations – 1000 monthly visits and slower support, then also it is great to look at this platform, test it, and know how it actually works.

Once tested, if you like the platform, you can move forward and buy other plans offered by it.


1K monthly unique visitors

Unlimited impressions

Includes all features

Removable branding

Great support


$19/monthly – billed monthly

$16/month – billed yearly

Unlimited notifications

Unlimited impressions

Includes all features

Removable branding

Great support


$49/monthly – billed monthly

$42/month – billed yearly

Unlimited notifications

Unlimited impressions

Includes all features

Custom branding

Stellar support


$99/monthly – billed monthly

$84/month – billed yearly

  •  Unlimited notifications
  • Unlimited impressions
  • Includes all features
  • Custom branding


  • $166/month –  billed yearly
  • $199/month  –  billed monthly

500K Monthly Unique Visitors
Unlimited notifications

Unlimited impressions

Includes all features

Custom branding


  • $829/month – billed yearly
  • $995/month –  billed monthly

Zillion Monthly Unique Visitors
Unlimited notifications

Unlimited impressions

Includes all features

Custom branding

Dedicated support agent

Final Take

Social proof is one of the excellent and powerful ways to double conversions and drive traffic because it acts as a signal that your brand is worthy and reputable to their business.

Are you looking for a tool to get a trial in social proof experimenting then, ProveSource is certainly the best and incredible tool in the market. It has really got exciting features, and the pricing plans are also the lowest and reasonable. If you are a newbie then you should go for a free trial.


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